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Finding Solid Ground

Hugo Schielke, Bethany Brand, Francesca Schiavone, Ruth Lanius

Overcoming Obstacles in Trauma Recovery

Even seasoned clinicians can struggle when trying to help to highly traumatized and dissociative patients. This book and its accompanying Workbook for patients provide an evidence-informed, pragmatic, and compassionate approach to the stabilization and treatment of complex trauma and dissociation. These books will help clinicians immediately begin assessment and treatment with traumatized individuals using a comprehensive therapeutic program that includes session-by-session information sheets and exercises developed through decades of clinical experience, studies, and feedback from individuals living with trauma-related disorders.

Finding Solid Ground: Overcoming Obstacles in Trauma Treatment offers guidance on how to use the program in individual and group contexts, expert recommendations for assessing dissociation, and clinical vignettes that focus on how to overcome common challenges in trauma treatment. The companion Workbook includes the patient-facing Information Sheets and Exercises that are the foundation of the Finding Solid Ground program. Together, these books present a coherent, comprehensive approach to trauma treatment that rests upon a clearly articulated understanding of the neurobiological impacts of trauma. Clinicians of all levels of experience will find these books inspiring, informative, and accessible.

Titel: Finding Solid Ground

Uitgeverij: Oxford University Press

Auteur: Hugo Schielke, Bethany Brand, Francesca Schiavone, Ruth Lanius

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